About US -

 WHO is RMS?

RMS was started from many years of hands on experience in construction materials, roof contracting, manufacturing and distribution and all in all an advanced understanding of the Construction Industry. With over 70 years of combined experience RMS Manufacturing was predicated on 3 simple rules…Quality, Service and RMS working for YOU, NOT you working for US!

RMS manufacturers all of our products " In House", we do not rely on an Overseas company to do our manufacturing, then have products shipped back to the U.S.A. and pawn them off on you. As a "Volume" Manufacturer, we manufacture products that keep you competitive and ahead of the competition. RMS is a 100% U.S. Manufactured product, 100% U.S. delivered product and our unyielding promise on quality is what RMS stands for!

Our manufacturing arm is just a small segment of our business and what we do or as we like to say here...

" We don't just Bend metal, we Deliver IT", Today, Tomorrow and Every Day" !

RMS Manufacturing is the #1 choice of many of the leading Roofing Distributors and Construction Material suppliers throughout Central and Northern California and Western Nevada, whether you cater to smaller contractors or larger companies, RMS has you covered!

We welcome you to RMS Manufacturing, where we strive to earn your business, work hard to keep it and always remember that YOUR Needs come First Every day, Every time, without Fail NO Exceptions!

 The RMS Team